Beautiful Sissys
In admiration of gender dysphoria and the acknowledgement and glorification of the pretty men who are beautiful sissy girls. As a long standing admirer I have been fortunate to have spent time as a husband, a lover, an on and off crossdresser, an occasional submissive, have been cuckolded, a switch, even a domme but throughout it all, I always seem to return to being a Dom. Through these travels I have learnt what I like, what I don't like, what is healthy and what isn't. The line between genders has become increasingly confusing and blurred. Girls have become boys, boys have become girls, girls become dominant, boys become submissive, girls have become some of the best bosses, guys have become househusbands. It is all very confusing. As I matured I have come to see how beautiful sissies can be. If you are going to do it - then do it properly ~ be a girl ~ dress like a girl ~ behave like a girl ~ walk like a girl ~ laugh like a girl ~ make love like a girl. Now perhaps it is time for me to take a young sissy and to mold them in the way I Iike, to dress them as pleases me, to feminise them step by step, ever deeper, to force them to fully adopt their role as a sissified cock-adoring slut. If this is you and you live in the SE of England then what is stopping you contacting me? Thoughtful, articulate emails please only, and tell me who you are, what you like and where you aspire to go to:
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      Moi j’adore ,sans BDSM, sans rudesse, avec douce perversion, je suis partante et déjà bandée hummmmm!
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